No business owner or property manager wants to deal with foundation issues. Unfortunately, the weather in Palestine, TX doesn’t always cooperate. Our climate isn’t the best for commercial foundations.

At Palestine Foundation Repair, we use some of the most effective slabjacking techniques to make sure that your foundation is fixed quickly, effectively, and properly. Using URETEK technology, we can help correct settling issues, drainage issues, erosion issues, and raise your foundation using specialized, high-density polyurethane. Doing this helps to compact the soil underneath your foundation, providing a sturdier base/platform for your foundation to sit on.

Now, if you aren’t sure if your foundation is failing, here are a few signs you can look for.

Signs That Your Foundation May Be Failing
Cracks In Your Walls And/Or Foundation

This is one of the most obvious signs of a failing foundation. If your foundation is having trouble, your foundation, exterior walls, and/or your interior walls will have cracks that aren’t supposed to be there. The cracks don’t have to be huge either…

Water In Places It Shouldn’t Be

Another sign of potential foundation problems could be water damage. As your foundation starts to fail, it can shift and/or settle. When this happens, it can change how water flows off and/or away from your building. When this happens, water can pool up in places it shouldn’t. As such, you might see water damage in your ceiling or walls (the most obvious). However, you could end up with erosion issues as water doesn’t divert properly (the least obvious).

Your Doors And Windows Are Hard To Open Or Close

As your founding shifts and settles, it can create leveling issues with your building. If you’ve been having trouble with opening or closing your doors and/or windows, there’s a good chance that you have foundation issues. In most cases, windows will be the first to exhibit issues as they don’t have any gapping (tolerance; sealed-system). Doors, on the other hand, have small gaps (tolerance) and only show signs when there are major problems. If you’ve noticed this in your office, you need to call us today.

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If you’ve seen any of these signs, then you need to call a trustworthy foundation repair service.
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