Palestine Foundation Repair

There are a lot of other foundation repair companies in the Palestine, TX area … so, what makes us your best bet? For starters, we’ve been servicing the Palestine community for years, with plenty of satisfied customers. We’re not a fly-by-night, hit-and-run contractor looking to make a quick buck before something bad happens. Plus, unlike some of our competition, we’re fully licensed, insured, and bonded. No matter what, your property is protected!

About Us

We are one of the most trusted foundation repair companies, not only in Palestine, but all over Texas too. We didn’t get there by accident or luck either – it’s because we provide the best solutions, at the best pricing. We don’t hire just anyone – we hire experienced foundation technicians and we make sure they have all the newest training and the best equipment to work with.

Our products and services are designed with only one individual in mind: you. We’ll take special care of repairing your concrete slabs, retaining walls, and more, because regardless of what your use for the building it, it needs to have a strong foundation in order to stand.

​Drainage Correction

​​Cracked Wall / Structural Repair

Retaining Wall

​Drainage Correction

Water can be one of the most damaging influences on a foundation or structure. Somehow, it finds a way to eat away at the soil, the foundation, and even cause rotting. When this happens, your foundation can settle, causing all kinds of issues with your home or building. If you’ve seen water standing around your foundation, there’s a good chance your foundation could be damaged. To avoid this, we can redirect the water using specialized drainage systems that can remove the water safely.

Cracked Wall / Structural Repair

A cracked wall is one of the biggest signs of foundation damage. And if the crack keeps growing, it’s a sign that the problem is getting worse. There’s absolutely no reason to let a crack keep growing. We can inspect your foundation and support structures to find out where the problem is, what is causing the problem, fix the problem, and even provide solutions to keep the problem from ever coming back again.

Retaining Wall

The purpose of a retaining wall is to hold back water or other earth features. As such, there’s a lot of added stress that can cause premature aging and/or failure. If you’ve noticed that your retaining wall is cracked, sinking, or leaning, there’s a good chance that it needs to be repaired. It may require additional anchoring or a complete overhaul. Our experienced technicians will be able to provide a thorough analysis after they’ve had a chance to inspect it.

Slab Repair

Pier And Beam Repair


​Slab Repair

A slab is designed to support your home and/or other buildings. It provides a solid base to avoid shifting and/or leveling issues. But, slabs are affected by erosion, temperatures, and the weather. Whenever the soil gets saturated, it compacts down. When it dries out, it expands again. This constant up/down can cause stress fractures from the weight of your building. When this happens, it can cause your foundation to fail. We look for signs of erosion, water buildup, and other external issues and provide working solutions, along with fixing the slab in question.

Pier And Beam Repair

Some homes use pier and beam foundation in place of slabs. There’s nothing wrong with this and they are more functional when it comes to plumbing fixes. But, when things go wrong, they can go wrong in a hurry. We can inspect all of your piers and beams, determine what’s causing the damage, provide solutions to stop further damage, and completely replace any damaged and/or piers and beams.


And we’re not limited to home foundation repairs either. Commercial foundations hold even more weight than a traditional home. They are under massive amounts of strain. And what was once properly designed, with flow channels and erosion protection, may no longer be safe due to increased building around your property. We can inspect, maintain, and even repair damaged slabs and/or structural walls for your commercial property quickly and efficiently.

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Don’t let foundation issues cause major problems later on. If you’ve seen a crack, your doors or windows are harder to open or close, your floor seems unlevel, or water seems to be standing around your home too much, you should give us a call.
You can call us during normal business hours or you can fill out our online contact form any time and someone will call you back shortly. We want to give you the best, unmatched customer service. All of our quotes are free, with no obligation to use us. Give us a chance to earn your business – we’ll give you the best pricing with the best customer service.
Testimonial # 1 – The wife noticed our patio doors were a lot harder to shut recently. I checked them out and it looked like they were off-center. Found a small crack in the corner of the door and called Palestine Foundation Repair. Come to find out, the patio had dropped a few inches. They came out, jacked it back up, and the doors open and close without any more problems! – Hershel P.
Testimonial # 2 – After a heavy rainstorm, I found water in our dining room. Thinking we’d been flooded, I looked around the see what all was damaged, only to find out that we weren’t flooded at all. Made a lot of calls and was finally told it was a foundation crack that was letting water in our home. Contacted Palestine Foundation repair and they sent someone out to check it out. Sure enough, there was a large crack under the dining room letting in water. They fixed it and we’ve not seen another drop of water in the dining room. – Paul B.
Testimonial # 3 – The retaining wall in the backyard was starting to sag, enough that it looked like it was going to fall over. We called a ton of foundation companies, but the only company that gave us a fair price was Palestine Foundation Repair. They were fast and they were more than competitive on the price. – Tiffany A.