Slab Repair

If your foundation is damaged, it can cause major structural problems. Whether it’s your own home or a property that you were looking at, foundation issues can be scary; not knowing what is causing them can be even scarier.

If you think your foundation is damaged or needs repair, then you should call a local foundation repair company like us. We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded to protect you and your property in every situation. We have technicians that are highly experienced and trained with the newest methods and techniques to help repair your slab and/or pier beam quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

What Can Cause Foundation Damage?

For the most part, water is the most likely reason why your foundation is damaged and needs repair. Water can cause saturation to occur in the soil underneath your foundation. Water can cause erosion underneath your foundation. the lack of water can cause the soil underneath your foundation to dry out. As you can see, water plays a big factor in foundation damage.
However, water is not the only reason for foundation damage. In fact, other external factors such as a hurricane, earthquake, or flood can also compromise your foundation and/or slab. And, major temperature changes can even affect your foundation under the right circumstances.

What Are The Signs Of Foundation Damage?

For a new homeowner, seeing any cracks can be scary. But, some cracked are just part of the curing process. If you are a new homeowner and you see cracks oh, you can monitor these cracks to see if they are growing. If the cracks continue to grow, then there is a good chance that you have foundation issues.
And while cracks are one of the most common signs of foundation damage, there are other signs that you can look for as well; these signs can include:
  • Doors that are hard to open and/or close.
  • Windows that are hard to open and/or close.
  • Sloping floors and/or ceilings.
  • Water seepage from floors and/or ceilings.
  • Flooring that has started to bulge and/or pinch.

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If you suspect that you have foundation damage, then you need to contact a professional who can inspect your building to see how bad it might be. While we would prefer not to find any damage, that’s not always the case.
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