Drainage Correction


Did you know that water can destroy your foundation?
A foundation serves three purposes:

  1. Support the weight of your home or building.
  2. Anchor it from outside forces such as hurricanes and earthquakes.
  3. Isolate it from erosion and floodwaters.

One of the most common forms of foundation failure occurs whenever water starts to accumulate around the foundation. When this happens, water can seep into the foundation and cause small cracks, push the foundation up, or even cause the soil underneath to erode causing settling and sinking.

As you know, the Palestine, TX climate is hot one day and wet the next. This causes all kinds of issues when it comes to your foundation. When the soil is saturated, it can compress. When it’s dry, it can crack and leave room for water channels. Having the proper water drainage system in place can help slow down and/or stop foundation damage completely.

Surface Drain Systems

This is a very common drain system and it works effectively as long as there’s enough of a grade/slope to remove the water naturally. These are generally built using large collectors (around a foot in size) that connect to a flexible four-inch hose. The water is then whisked away from the foundation and everything stays “dry”. For homes without the proper grading, a sump pump may be needed to help remove standing water issues.

French Drain Systems

Another common drain system that is used for homes in the Palestine, TX area is the French Drain. A French Drain is basically a trench that has gravel or specialty stones inside of the trench. The water then follows the path of least resistance (i.e. the French Drain) and is diverted away from the property. Since the French Drain is lower than the ground, it gives the water a place to go before becoming overly saturated.
If you’re seeing standing water close to your house during and/or after a rainstorm, then you need to give us a call today. That water could be eating away at your soil, your foundation, and setting you up for some major problems down the road.
Remember, we will give you a free, no-obligation quote for any of the services we provide. There’s no reason to take a chance on your home. If you think you’re having problems with your foundation right now (i.e. cracking, heaving, sinking) or think you might be having drainage issues (i.e. standing water, seepage), then you need to make the call right now.

Palestine Foundation Repair has serviced plenty of homes and buildings in the Palestine, TX (see our “testimonials” page). We are fully licensed, insured, and bonded so you can rest comfortably knowing that everything is protected.
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