About Our Company


At Palestine Foundation Repair, we understand the importance of a good foundation – both under your home or office and with ALL of our customers. As such, we work to build a relationship with each of our customers that’s as strong as the repairs we perform. And, we are one of the most trusted foundation repair companies in the Palestine area, with hundreds of satisfied customers to back this up (see our “testimonials” page).

We only use experienced technicians and/or contractors to repair your foundation needs. From sinking slabs, erosion, and even splitting, we’ve got you covered. And while our specialty is foundations, we can also handle retaining walls and structural repairs too.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late!

Most people don’t even know they have foundation issues until they see cracks in the walls and/or ceilings or their property is settling. And while you could say it can’t get worse … it can!
Don’t be one of “those” who believe that it can’t get worse. What’s a small issue right now can easily turn into a major problem if you wait. All you have to do is give us a call to talk with one of our customer service representatives.
Our consultations are free!
We believe in providing exceptional customer service. And we know that you’ve already got a lot on your plate with possible foundation issues. We’re not going to add more stress by hitting you with unnecessary “extra” fees. Which is why you shouldn’t wait any longer to find out what’s wrong with your foundation.

Make The Call

For all of your foundation repair needs, the choice is simple – Palestine Foundation Repair. One call is all it takes. What do you have to lose? The consultation is free and we’ll work with your schedule. It’s time to make the call!
If you need help during our non-office hours, use our online contact form and we’ll have someone call on the next business day. ​